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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Canvas Art

Working on canvas is such fun and a great way to use many techniques used in scrapbooking,stamping and painting.

On this canvas we started by painting the entire canvas with a linen colour craft paint. Once dry we glued a page from an old encyclopedia onto the canvas.
We then used a stamp with squares and stamped using a bronze paint on the top half of the canvas and over the newsprint.

Using green craft paint and two different font stamps we stamped the word LIVE.

We sprayed diluted walnut ink using a spray bottle all over the canvas. Once the ink was dry we resprayed certain areas to create a distressed look.

We sparingly used gold leaf to highlight some of the stamped blocks

A friend of mine who does framing gave me some of her off-cuts which i used to create this corner embellishment

Using a piercer we gently pierced holes through the canvas and tied our ribbon bows.
The feather,leaves and photo were the final elements to add to finish off our creation.

We hope you enjoy trying your hand at creating a canvas.

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